This category constitutes the main body of my artwork. Each work has a description and a short story about the work followed by physical information such as media and measurements. I have not priced these works and this is on purpose. If you are interested in aquiring any of my original works, please make me an offer. I am sure we will meet each other with an agreement that we both are happy with.

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Puppet on a string

This is actually one of my personal favourites. When I thought I was finished with this acrobatic woman, it lacked something. So in order to make it a little more interesting I made her a puppet on a string. Original, oil on canvas, 150 x 150 cm
5,410.00 (EUR)

Bzzz 3

Painting: Acrylic and Oil on Canvas. Size: 50.4 H x 50.4 W x 0.6 in
3,410.00 (EUR)

A Tribe Called Anguish

Painting: Acrylic and Marker on Canvas. Size: 45.5 H x 35 W x 0.7 in
3,500.00 (EUR)


Beachlife is my take on me and my wife at the beach. Somewhat simplified figures but I think I did myself justice.
1,980.00 (EUR)

Bzzz 1

Painting: Oil on Canvas. Size: 50.4 H x 50.4 W x 0.6 in
3,410.00 (EUR)

Lady on fire

Painting: Acrylic, Paint and Oil on Canvas. Size: 59 H x 59 W x 1.4 in
5,910.00 (EUR)

Les D'emoiselles d'Angelholm

A playful title from the master's catalog. This is a large piece with my very characteristic and weird figures. Oil on canvas 150 x 150 cm.
4,285.00 (EUR)

Praying for Time

Parying for Time is my hommage to George Michael who tragically passed away X-mas 2016. The title is taken from one of his most popular songs. In my opinion the lyrics to this song is one of the best lyrics ever written and just one of many other GM-productions. I have tried to sum up the essence of this song and portray it like I convey it. The message is ever so actual even if the song got 20 + years or so on its neck. "Maybe we should all be praying for time" Oil on canvas, 120 x 120 cm
3,510.00 (EUR)

Puppet on a String II

The big sister painting to my Puppet on a String
5,410.00 (EUR)

Say yes to the dress

This is a dress taking on its own life with a boner.
2,850.00 (EUR)

The Band of Heaven has been grounded

This is an instrument from the Band in Heaven with no strings attached. The band has been grounded.
3,500.00 (EUR)

I’m all ears

Painting: Acrylic, Oil and Ink on Canvas. Size: 37 H x 29 W x 1.5 in
3,900.00 (EUR)

Bzzz 2

Painting: Oil on Canvas. Size: 50.4 H x 50.4 W x 0.6 in
3,410.00 (EUR)

Miss divine on the couch

Painting: Acrylic and Oil on Canvas. Size: 31.5 H x 47 W x 1 in
4,000.00 (EUR)


My Taurus was like many of my works born on my sketchpad while doodling around with my marker pen. This is one of a series of large works, 150 x 150 cm. This particular motive appears in different sizes and as both color an b/w. Why? Simply because I love it myself.
4,260.00 (EUR)

The Audition

The Audition is a weird situation in an equally weird setting. Again my figures appear and interact with each other. Each one of them created unintendedly to be composed together in a single piece. It just happened to end up so. Oil on canvas, 120 x 120 cm
3,100.00 (EUR)

Trunk Smiley

This is one of my more abstract pieces (not many of those). I just got a great idea (I thought anyway) when one day I found a broken button. I picked it up and I thought it looked liken an elephant's face and at the same time the Smiley image, thus "Trunk Smiley" Oil on canvas, 50 x 50 cm
1,650.00 (EUR)


Unfortunately an ever so actual topic. These odd cats symbolize segregation to me. An original, acrylic on cardboard, 100 x 70 cm
1,850.00 (EUR)

Ping Pong

This piece I made inspired from one of Henry Moore's fantastic sculptures. When I was almost finished with this painting, I had a sense of something missing, something surprising. Why not put in a ping pong-ball from the side and let the figure appear surprised. This painting was exhibited at The Brick Lane Gallery in London 2015. It's an original, acrylic on canvas, 100 x 70 cm. Black wodden frame.
2,690.00 (EUR)

Right up my alley

These wonderful ladies wound up 4 a.m in the bowling alley, and naked - don't ask me why. This piece is acrylic on canvas and measures 96 x 140 cm.
4,000.00 (EUR)

What if he was a she

Yes, what if he was a she? Meaning that I think the world would be quite a nicer place to live if Jesus was a woman. Think, a woman never goes to war. It's always men initiating war and conflicts. Original painting in acrylic on canvas. Format 97 x 130 cm
3,875.00 (EUR)

Stand up, never give in

Stand up, never give in is my reflection on the world today - it's a total mess. Evil forces are getting a grip almost everywhere. In some cases/countries, these evil forces are actually the reigning power. Hopefully we as individuals have the strength to stand up and never give in to those forces. Original work, oil on canvas, 150 x 150 cm.
2,385.00 (EUR)

My Big Mirror Mirror

My Big Mirror Mirror is based on a much smaller version I made a couple of years ago. This version is pretty big, 150 x 150 cm. Original painting, oil on canvas.
3,850.00 (EUR)


Hydra is another weird figure that appeared on my sketchpad a couple of years ago when I was in a rough period of my life. Acrylic on cardboard, 70 x 100 cm. Black wodden frame.
1,600.00 (EUR)


This is a complicated pose, so when I was finished with it, the title was pretty obvious - Yoga. One of my smaller pieces. Oil on canvas, 20 x 30 cm. Black wodden frame.
1,690.00 (EUR)

The Peasant

The Peasant is an expressionist figure. I've made other versions of this but this is the original one. Oil on canvas, 20 x 30 cm. Black wodden frame.
1,600.00 (EUR)

Tears in blood

This motive, this woman is part of my biggest piece, "Yeah right, in your dreams", 320 x 220 cm which was exhibited at Art Fusion Galleries in Miami 2016. I really fell in love with this figure. In this version she serves as a deeply hurt person. Original oil painting on canvas, 65 x 96 cm.
2,340.00 (EUR)

Ms. Neptune

Risen from the sea, this is Ms. Neptune. An original painting, acrylic on cardboard, 70 x 100 cm. Black wodden frame.
1,390.00 (EUR)

Family Feud, big

This is the large version of Family Feud (also available as a print 25 x 25 cm.) This portraits my life situation back in 2011. A turbulent situation. This is the original version, acrylic on cardboard, 110 x 110 cm. Black wodden frame.
2,650.00 (EUR)

Two men playing...

First came the motive and then the title. I realize that it's a pun but it was non-intended at the beginning. When it was finished it really was two men playing with their balls. Origina oil on canvas. 96 x 65 cm.
3,000.00 (EUR)

The Executioners

Now here's a real stand-off. Two executioners eye-balling each other. I so wonder what goes through their minds in that situation. Original, Ink and gouche on paper, 70 x 100 cm.
1,500.00 (EUR)

The Outkast, big

This the original Outkast. Ink and acrylic on cardboard. This is my sorry bastard, the real outkast. This is also available as a smaller print (25 x 25 cm). Both version with black wodden frame. This larger version is 50 x 70 cm.
1,285.00 (EUR)

Sex on the beach

This is a very expressive piece. Sex on the beach. Original, acrylic on canvas, 116 x 69 cm
1,680.00 (EUR)

The Ugly Duckling

This is my Ugly Duckling, one of my fantasy freaks surrounded by the real thing. Once I was closing in to the final stages of this painting, I felt that there was something missing, thus the runny color in the top of the painting. The color is there for a purpose, not for decoration. In the best and most idyllic worlds there are still things that shouldn't be - ostracism being one such thing. I wanted to wash out that kind of behavior. Oil and acrylic on canvas, 128 x 128 cm.
4,285.00 (EUR)

Desert Sunset

The scene is the desert, two figures discussing while the sun sets behind the dunes. The figures were born separetely on my sketchpad and then found common ground on my canvas. Oil on canvas, 130 x 100 cm
2,850.00 (EUR)

Regina Pippi

Regina Pippi, two strong swedish women in one picture.
8,500.00 (EUR)

Get your facts straight, he did'nt get that far!

Historic portrait of the swedish King Charles XII
8,500.00 (EUR)

Welcome to my world, I will never leave you

An intimate scene of holding on to each other
8,500.00 (EUR)